Künstlerin, Buchautorin, Dozentin.

Stationen des künstlerischen Weges:
Lehre als Kirchenmalerin, Restauratorin
Studium Lehramt Kunst
Atelier für Restaurierungen von Gemälden
in Kronberg/Ts und Frankfurt/M
Gastprofessur für Rituale der Wahrnehmung,
Hochschule für Bildende Kunst Braunschweig

Die künstlerische Arbeit prägende Aufenthalte
in Bhutan, Nepal, Nigeria, Nord- und Südamerika und Sibirien.

Seit 18 Jahren Erfahrung und Erforschung der Kunst der geometrischen Muster des indigenen Volks der Shipibo im Amazonasgebiet/ Peru.

Sie lebt in der Lüneburger Heide.

Born 1947, visual artist, author, researcher of shamanism in indigenous ethnos and Europe. Before she did study art, she made an apprenticship in restoring old paintings.Guest professor at the university of art in Braunschweig.
She lives in the country side of North-Germany.

Her long time work with the techniques of painting and the spiritual worlds of the old European visual arts as well as her 18 years stayings with indigenous cultures (main focus on south america and sibiria) are the foundations of her creative inquisitiveness and influenced her artwork.
Long life experiences with inner worlds of consciousness opened her doors for a deeper understanding of nature and its visible and invisible manifestations and interconnections. She came to the insight that there is only one world, that there exists no division of spirit and matter.
The multiplicity of reality shows itself always in different ways depending on the point of view of the onlooker and his perceptions.
It is always a challenge for her to question and change familiar perceptions and imaginations to make it possible for the onlooker to experience the multiple worlds.
About her experiences and teachings of rituals of perception she wrote ten books.
Her art is shown in many exhibitions in Germany , Switzerland , Holland and the USA .