Nana Nauwald

Born 1947, visual artist, author. Her father was an artist too. Before she did study art, she made an apprenticeship in restoring old paintings. For two years she has been a guest professor at the university of art in Braunschweig. Since thirty years she also teaches “Ritual Body Postures and Ecstatic Trance” in the succession of the anthropologist Prof. Dr. Felicitas D. Goodman who had been her teacher of this method. Read more on
She lives with her husband Bruno Martin in the country side of North-Germany near Lüneburg.

Her long time work with the old techniques of painting and the spiritual worlds of the old European visual arts as well as her about 20 years stayings with indigenous cultures (main focus on South America and Siberia) are the foundations of her creative inquisitiveness and influenced her artwork.
Long life experiences with inner worlds of consciousness opened her doors for a deeper understanding of nature and its visible and invisible manifestations and interconnections. She came to the insight that there is only one world, that there exists no division of spirit and matter.
The multiplicity of reality shows itself always in different ways depending on the point of view of the onlooker and his or her perceptions.
It is always a challenge for her to question and change familiar perceptions and imaginations to make it possible for the onlooker to experience the multiple worlds.
About her experiences and teachings of rituals of perception she wrote ten books.
Her art is shown in many exhibitions in Germany, Switzerland, Holland and the USA (Exhibitions), and now also published in the book “Women of Visionary Art”.

It is the endless deepness of blackness, from which the colourful light is rising up.
So I let my paintings wake up into their colourful life only on a black canvas, I only paint with the primary colours red, yellow and blue – no white.

I often think that the night is more alive and more richly colored than the day.
—Vincent Van Gogh

My paintings do express
my kind of worldview,
how I do perceive the manifolded, interwoven worlds of consciousness:
as a colourful sound of life-information.

For me, every part of
this cosmic-web carries information –
and information is spirit.
The spirit of life is vibration,
and vibration is sound,
and sound is colour and form,
as a visible expression of the qualities of these life – vibrations.

Therefore my paintings
are visible “songs”,
which are weaving my own
life- information into this always new and renewing net of consciousness.

My patiently, wise teacher is Mother Nature in all her manifold forms.
As Leigh Hunt (1784 – 1859) did say:
“Colors are the smiles of nature”

A strong impact of my artwork is grounded in my long-life experience in indigenous cultures in South-America, Africa and Siberia, cultures which still do have knowledge that there is an interwoven spirit-network of all visible and invisible appearances of life.

I agree with the words of Paul Cézanne:
„Colour is the place, where our brain and the universe meet each other.

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